We are all driven by the passion to develop
cutting-edge technology and revolutionize cell therapy

Management Team

Daniela Buchmayr, MBA
Co- Founder
Chief Executive Officer

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Gerald Kreindl, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

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Dr. Erwin Gorjup
Co- Founder
Chief Scientific Officer

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DI Elke Korb
Application Development Scientist

Marek Suplata, MSc
Control System Engineer

Jana Buchmayr, BSc
Research Scientist

Hamidreza Shirinkami, PhD
Senior Fluidics Engineer

Fernando Garcia, PhD
Development Engineer Fluidics

Julius Hansen
Digital Design Engineer

Ottavia Palazzo, PhD
Project Manager Instrument Development

Ghazal Shabestanimonfared, MSc
Development Engineer Microsystems

Sara Sofia Deville, PhD
Senior Application Development Scientist

Benoît Pelisson, MSc
Development Engineer Optics

Dr. Mateusz Kotyrba
Senior Photonics Engineer

Jacob Kritikos, MSc
Mechanical Design Engineer

Brian Barrett, PhD
Associate Director Product Development

Barbara Stephan, MA
Director People & Organisation Development

Philip Thomas, PhD
Staff Engineer System Integration

Valentin Steinwender, MSc
IP & Grant Manager

Christian Hao, MSc
Senior Staff Engineer Electronics

Jasmin Batelka, BSc
Associate Scientist Application Development

Rerngchai Arayanarakool, PhD
Project Lead Microfluidics Development

Ranjeet Singh, MSc
Project Lead Microfluidics Development

Working for Sarcura


“It feels like being at home in your own workshop. You have an idea and you go and build it – but with the difference that Sarcura has the best equipment and I get paid to pursue my passion.”


Philipp Neumann, MSc Development
Engineer Mechatronics

“By joining Sarcura, I finally understood the potential of connecting cellular biology with engineering. Taking responsibility in an interdisciplinary project boosts my scientific curiosity.”


DI Elke Korb
Application Development Scientist


“Working at Sarcura while continuing my degree allows me to explore completely new areas of interest and consolidate the knowledge I gain at university. I enjoy being part of a team of people with different backgrounds driving for the same purpose and building something they believe in.”


Mia Buchmayr
Junior Research Engineer