Imagine there is a cure for cancer but it is only accessible to a very small number of patients.
This is what we want to change.


Radical innovation occurs when stepping across boundaries of established sectors and disciplines- we bring disciplines together


Pragmatic idealism

Idealism requires pragmatism to bring ideas to life. We stand up for our principles, strive for perfection, and step into action to get things done


Technology is a means to an end. Solving the challenges of cell therapy manufacturing is the end that counts for us



We constantly question and challenge any status quo and our ideas. It takes openness and a fair discussion culture to change your own mindset

It has been clinically proven that cell therapies have the potential to save millions of lives per year. But several challenges need to be considered, which limit the overall accessibility of these life-saving treatments. One of them is the manufacturing shortage.

And this is exactly what we want to change. We are driven by the passion to unlock the potential of cell therapies by developing a cutting-edge technology device allowing scalable and fully automated, intelligent manufacturing.