We are excited to announce the appointment of two new board members Nicoletta Loggia and Fabio Fachin to Sarcura’s board of Advisors

Apr. 2022 / Company
Daniela Buchmayr

We’re thrilled that Nicoletta Loggia and Fabio Fachin, who have a combined experience of over 40 years in cell therapy industry, management, and executive positions, have agreed to come on-board. The knowledge and experience Nicoletta and Fabio bring to the company is invaluable and as Advisors they will work with Sarcura’s management team to ensure we stay at the forefront of the trends that will shape this industry.

“The company is well positioned to execute on the tremendous potential of their platform and help realise the promise of cell therapies by bringing curative treatments to oncology patients and beyond worldwide”

“I am delighted to join the Board at Sarcura at this exciting time in the company’s growth and further help the team advance its transformational integrated microfluidic technology platform engineered to enable global scale and cost-effective manufacturing of cell therapies for all patients. I look forward to leveraging my experience as the company continues to look at new areas of growth and collaborate with the strong and passionate Sarcura team and other board members”

“Sarcura’s technology holds the potential to finally provide a mean for scientists and developers to identify, get to, and engineer the right cell

“I am excited to help Sarcura bring its manufacturing vision to life. Sarcura’s miniaturized, scalable and automated approach enables exquisite cell manipulation & engineering at the appropriate length-scale across all manufacturing operations, hence significantly enhancing control and lowering COGs compared to current macro-scale GMP devices whose physics and functional elements are intrinsically too large to properly manipulate micron-size particles such as cells. Furthermore, via the incorporation of on-chip analytics and QC, Sarcura’s approach will allow for in-situ real-time monitoring and characterization of processes and cellular products. As such, I look forward to helping Sarcura make a difference for patients.”